Jan 14

Vegetarian Menus Surge 66%

Most of us, during our first years, hated vegetables. It’s not very often you hear of a child who likes to eat his or her vegetables. Unfortunately, that never stopped Mom and Dad from insisting. “Eat your veggies,” they’d say, “they’re good for you.” It turns out they were right, and an increasing number of Americans have learned that lesson too.

A report released by market research firm Mintel has some startling news on this front. Their report shows that between 2012 and now, vegetarian menus in the US have grown a massive 66%. Mintel also surveyed consumers and found that 61% of them like menu items in which vegetables are featured heavily. In fact, among Millennials aged 25-34, that trend rises to 75%.

As heavily plant-based diets become more popular, the benefits don’t just extend to those consuming them. Mintel’s report also suggests that restaurants taking advantage of this trend by adding vegetarian items to their menu will see more patrons seated at their tables, presumably because they cater to a larger array of diets. Producers could also see a jump in business from this as the demand for locally farmed, seasonal fruits and vegetables increases.

What’s more, just this week we reported on a vegan brownie making a list of the best chocolate pastries and desserts in New York City and the first ever vegan butcher shop to open in the US.

Plant-based diets are healthy and full of long term benefits, something herbivores have known for years. If this new report is any indication, it would seem the word is finally getting out to everyone else.


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