Apr 19

Volkswagen to Use Vegan Leather Made from Apples in New SUV

Vehicle manufacturer Volkswagen has announced that its new electric SUV, the ID Roomzz, will feature a leather interior that’s entirely vegan.

Vegan AppleSkin leather.

The zero-emission ID Roomzz will feature leather made entirely of apples. This “AppleSkin” is made in part from apple juice waste which includes skin and cores.

“Apple Peel Skin is an innovative and highly sustainable hybrid material [vegan leather] made in Italy, which integrates organic apple peels into the skin of the material, making it an eco-friendly alternative for those who care about the environment and animals,” says AppleSkin creator Apple Nine Alliance. “Our Apple Peel Skin Vegan-Leather is the first material certified as an Ethical Vegan product by the exclusive European certification body VeganOk.” They note that “Apple Peel Skin makes an excellent choice for those costumers that mind the environment and are looking for a healthier lifestyle.”

Volkswagen of course isn’t the first company to feature a vegan interior. Volvo has announced that its Polestar 2 electric car, debuting in 2020, will have a plant-based interior.


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