Jul 24

Zambia Government Halts Slaughter of 2,000 Hippos

hipZambia’s Department of National Parks and Wildlife has announced that it will halt the killing of hundreds of hippopotami that was planned over the next several years.

In total, 2,000 hippos were set to be killed over the next five years, a move the government says could help prevent the spread of anthrax. However, the animal-rights organization the Born Free Foundation recently launched a campaign to prevent the killings of an animal that’s entire African population is well under 100,000. The campaign was successful, leading to the government to place a temporary ban on the killings; a ban the Foundation hopes will become permanent.

“I sincerely hope that, on reflection, the Department of National Parks and Wildlife will decide to permanently abandon plans for a cull”, says Born Free Co-Founder Will Travers. “Were they to recommence the killing, without doubt there would be members of the safari-going public who would decide to spend their money elsewhere to view Africa’s magnificent wildlife legacy.”

For those wanting to help make the temporary ban permanent, here’s what Born Free suggests:

Please contact Zambia’s President and Minister of Tourism politely calling for this ‘temporary’ halt to be permananet.

Please write to:

His Excellency Edgar Chagwa Lungu
President of Zambia
State House
PO Box 30135

Email: lunguedgar@gmail.com
Hon. Jean Kapata – Minister of Tourism and Arts
National Assembly of Zambia
Parliament Buildings
Parliament Road
P.O. Box 31299

Email: jkapata@parliament.gov.zm
Start both letters ‘Your Excellency’ and sign off both ‘Yours respectfully and sincerely’.

Thank you.


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