Odd Burger Aims to Open 150 Restaurants Across India, Singapore

Vegan fast-food chain Odd Burger has announced its intention to expand out of Canada into the Asian market with 145 new locations in India and five in Singapore opening over the next 10 years.

Image courtesy of Odd Burger

Cofounder and CEO James McInnes expressed his optimism about entering the Indian market, citing the nation’s high population of vegetarians and vegans as reason for excitement. According to one of the chain’s board members, India “is craving an industry-leading brand … to provide a vision for a sustainable future and to make plant-based eating more accessible.” Odd Burger will finalize the decade-spanning deal by the end of this month, and McInnes plans to open a flagship restaurant in Mumbai by the end of 2023.

Since 2014, Odd Burger has evolved from a fruit-and-vegetable delivery service to a meal-kit developer to a food truck to what it is now – a full-fledged fast-food chain, drive-through included, with an expanding list of locations and its own manufacturing plant. The restaurant in Mumbai will be preceded by at least eight new locations across Canada.

Odd Burger’s partner development group, Earthlings Canada, also hopes to secure the right of first refusal for other Asian and Pacific territories, including Australia and New Zealand.