Ben & Jerry’s Launches New Vegan Ice Cream to Honor Award-Winning Filmmaker Ava DuVernay

Ben & Jerry’s has announced its newest plant-based ice cream, “a delicious partnership with Ava DuVernay.”

“Yes, “Queen Sugar” is no longer simply a show by Ava DuVernay, it may be a moniker befitting of the award-winning director, filmmaker and TV producer herself”, Ben & Jerry’s says in a press release.

“Ben & Jerry’s proudly presents “Lights! Caramel! Action! directed by Ava DuVernay,” featuring an ensemble cast of vanilla ice cream with salted caramel swirls, graham cracker swirls and gobs of chocolate chip cookie dough.” The flavor, in both ice cream and almond milk based Non-Dairy versions, will begin shipping across the country in January 2023.
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Philadelphia Launches Plant-Based Cream Cheese, Two More Flavors Forthcoming

The Philadelphia brand, which has been making cream cheese since 1872, has made their first foray into the plant-based market.

The Philadelphia brand, which is owned by Kraft Heinz, is known for having essentially invented what Americans now know as cream cheese way back in 1872. Although the product was made in New York, it was named after Philadelphia which at the time conjured up the thought of high-quality foods. Now, well over a century later, the company is launching its first-ever vegan cream cheese.

The plant-based cream cheese, which is now available in hundreds of retailers in the Southeast United States, is made with: almond and oat preparation (water, almond protein 6%, gluten-free oat bran 3%), coconut oil, salt, stabiliser (locust bean gum), and vegan culture.
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Winners of the Plant-Based Taste Awards 2022 Announced

The winners of the 2022 Plant-Based Taste Awards has been announced.

“After over 140 brilliant products were examined and tasted by our judges, we can finally reveal the winners of the Plant-Based Taste Awards 2022”, says FoodBev, who runs the awards. “After a tasting session on 7 November, which saw a panel of five judges try over 140 samples, the results were collated, and we are proud to reveal the finalists and winners of all 21 categories!”

These were announced as part of a special awards ceremony hosted in association with Plant Based World Expo Europe on November 30
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U.K. Prime Minister Appoints Vegan Meera Vadher as Head of Environmental Policy

For the first time in U.K. history a vegan will serve as head of environmental policy for the prime minister.

Meera Vadher.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has hired Meera Vadher as his head of environmental policy. Vadher’s social media bio notes that she’s vegan with a “strong desire to smash the jargon and simplify politics and current affairs.”

Vadher is expected to officially take over the role in the new year. She first entered national politics in 2011 as a parliamentary assistant to the then MP Edward Garnier, who now sits in the House of Lords. After spending time working for West Midlands mayor Andy Street, she was given a job at the Department for Health and Social Care working on the NHS’s Covid test-and-trace system.
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Report: Dairy Alternative Market Worth $22 Billion, to Grow to $42 Billion by 2027

According to the newest Global Dairy Alternative Market report, the market is expected to reach a value of $42.26 Billion by 2027, from $22.01 Billion in 2021.

This represents a compound annual growth rate of 11.49%.

“Most people worldwide are transitioning from dairy to dairy-free goods as they become more aware that dairy-free diets can help with various issues such as digestive pain, failure to lose weight, acne, and irritable bowel syndrome”, states the report. “Dairy substitutes have been more prevalent in both developed and developing markets worldwide. This is due to an increase in the number of allergic persons to dairy.”

Furthermore, “rising health consciousness and disposable income have boosted the expansion of the dairy substitutes industry.”
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Top 15 Meat and Dairy Companies Produce Almost as Much Methane as Entire European Union

According to a new report by the Institute for Agriculture & Trade Policy, the top five meat companies and the top 10 dairy companies produce 80% of the methane of the entire European Union (which has a population of over 445 million).

The report for the first time estimates the methane emissions of five of the largest meat corporations and ten of the largest dairy corporations. Their combined methane emissions are roughly 12.8 million tons, “which equates to over 80% of the European Union’s entire methane footprint.”

These companies’ emissions represent around 3.4% of all global anthropogenic methane emissions and 11.1% of the world’s livestock-related methane, states the report, which also provides the latest estimates for the overall greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of the same companies, which amount to around 734 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent – higher than the emissions of Germany.
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Report: Vegan Food Market Worth $14 Billion, to Grow to $18.7 Billion by 2026

According to a new report titled the Vegan Food Global Market Report 2022, the vegan food market is expected to grow from $13.55 billion in 2021 to $14.45 billion by the end of 2022.

The report estimates that this will grow even further to $18.73 billion by 2026, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.7%.

“The vegan market consists of the sale of vegan products and related services for consumption purposes”, states the report. “Vegan products include food and beverages produced without the use of animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients. Vegan food products include fruits and vegetables, legumes such as peas, beans, plant protein-based tofu and plant protein-based meat.”
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Study: Plant-Predominant Diet Associated With Lower Type 2 Diabetes Risk in Postmenopausal Women

Greater adherence to a plant-based diet was associated with a lower risk of type 2 diabetes in postmenopausal women in a recent study published in the journal Diabetes Care.

A plant-based dietary pattern, “the Portfolio Diet”, has been shown to lower LDL cholesterol and other cardiovascular disease risk factors, according to the abstract of the study. “However, no study has evaluated the association of this diet with incident type 2 diabetes.”

With this in mind, researchers at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Guangdong Provincial People’s Hospital and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University analyzed 145,299 postmenopausal women free of diabetes at baseline in the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) Clinical Trials and Observational Study from 1993 to 2021.
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