Study: Vegan Pet Good “At Least as Palatable” to Dogs and Cats, Doesn’t Compromise Welfare

Vegan pet foods “are generally at least as palatable to dogs and cats as conventional meat or raw meat diets”, and they “do not compromise their welfare”. This is according to a new study published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal PLoS One: It was also epublished by the National Institute of Health.

“Consumer suspicion of conventional pet foods, along with perceived health benefits of alternative diets, are fuelling development of the latter”, notes the study’s researchers. “These include raw meat diets, in vitro meat products, and diets based on novel protein sources such as terrestrial and marine plants, insects, yeast and fungi.”

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Study: Vegan Diet Provides for Normal Height and Weight Progression in Children, Can be Beneficial

According to a new study published in the journal Nutrition Research, and epublished online ahead of print by the National Institute of Health, “a well-planned vegan diet using supplementation is likely to provide the recommended amounts of critical nutrients to provide for normal progression of height and weight in children, and can be beneficial in some aspects.”

The study, titled Nutrient status and growth in vegan children, can be found by clicking here.

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Fight – a Vegan Poem


The world can be hard to understand

Animals killed for the whims of man

Suffering on a scale so grand

It didn’t have to be like this

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Kite Hill Launches Vegan Creamy Queso, New Line of Protein Yogurt

The vegan food company Kite Hill, known for its yogurts and cheeses alternatives, has officially launched vegan queso nationwide. For now, the product can be found at Whole Foods Markets and Sprouts across the United States, with plans to expand into other stores soon.

The product is made from homemade culture almond milk that’s combined with bell peppers, jalapeños and tomatoes. An eight-ounce container can be purchased for the reasonable price of $4.99.

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Jay-Z Invests $250 Million in Plant-Based “Tesla of Chicken”

Rap iconic and husband to Beyoncé continues to be a part of the vegan meat market in a big way.

Jay-Z has officially invested a quarter of a billion dollars ($250 million) in SIMULATE, which is a plant-based chicken company. This follows SIMULATE’s $50 million in funding it earned earlier this month.

The investment fund leading the way is called SEVEN SEVEN SIX, and was created by Alexis Ohanian, the founder of Twitter. Other investors including Marcy Venture Partners, Jay Brown (CEO of Roc Nation) and Larry Marus (venture capitalist).

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No Difference in Muscle Structure/Function or Cardiovascular Fitness Between Vegans and Omnivores, Says Study

Despite “marked differences in habitual nutrient intake”, healthy, young vegan and omnivorous men” did not differ regarding vascular and skeletal muscle structure and function, or cardiovascular fitness”. This is according to a new study published by the European Journal of Sport Science. The study is titled Skeletal muscle properties and vascular function do not differ between healthy, young vegan and omnivorous men.

“A vegan diet is associated with reduced cardiovascular morbidity and mortality, but protein deficiencies may be detrimental to skeletal muscle structure and function”, begins the study. “The aim of this study was to compare the vascular and skeletal muscle properties between young, healthy, recreationally active habitual vegan (VEG) and omnivorous (OMN) men.”

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Study: Vegan Diet Improves Quality of Life and Sleep, Reduces Pain, in Fibromyalgia Patients

A new study published by the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health has found  “significant improvements in biochemical parameters, quality of life, quality of sleep, pain at rest and general health status” when fibromyalgia patients follow a plant-based diet.

The study, titled Skeletal muscle properties and vascular function do not differ between healthy, young vegan and omnivorous men, was also epublished by the U.S. National Insitute of Health.

According to the study’s abstract, “Fibromyalgia (FM) is a chronic non-degenerative disease characterized by the presence of multiple symptoms such as chronic pain, which negatively influence the quality of life of sufferers, most of whom are women.” it notes that “Currently, there is no effective treatment to limit the impact of these symptoms.”

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Vegan Athlete Breaks World Record for Most Loops Around Central Park

A vegan athlete has broken the world record for the most loops around New York City’s Central Park without stopping. Robbie Balenger was able to run 16 loops around the 6.1 mile track in an 18 hour period.

In total, Balenger ran 100 miles, demolishing the previous record of 69.5.

“I’ve run seven ultramarathons in four months”, says Balenger. “I’ve completed a 75-day, 3,200-mile transcontinental run across the US. But this is the most miles I’ve ever run in a single day,. However, once I put forth this level of accountability, I have to see it through. My word is my bond.”

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Study: Vegans are Happier than Meat-Eaters

According to a new large-scale study conducted by the organization Tracking Happiness, vegans – on average – are notably happier than those who eat meat on a regular basis.

The study, which had 11,537 participants, found that:

    • Vegans report higher happiness levels than meat-eaters (+7%).
    • Happier people are more likely to turn 100% vegan in the future.
    • Only 14% of our meat-eating respondents reported a negative bias towards vegans. Non-vegans aren’t nearly as opposed to veganism as the stereotypes suggest.
    • 32% of vegans & vegetarians state that their biggest driver is the environment.
    • Older people are less likely to ever adopt a vegan diet.

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Plant-Based Diets Drastically Reduce COVID-19 Severity, Finds Study

According to an important new study published by the journal BMJ Nutrition, Prevention & Health, plant-based diets “were associated with lower odds of moderate-to-severe COVID-19.” The study is titled Plant-based diets, pescatarian diets and COVID-19 severity: a population-based case–control study in six countries.

“Several studies have hypothesised that dietary habits may play an important role in COVID-19 infection, severity of symptoms, and duration of illness”, states the study’s researchers. “However, no previous studies have investigated the association between dietary patterns and COVID-19.”

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Top 3 CrossFit Competition Winners All Vegan

In a prime example of how being vegan not only doesn’t negatively impact performance in sports but may in fact help it, the top three challengers in a major CrossFit competition just happen to all be vegan.

The Nobull CrossFit Games in Germany saw Lidia Bartoszewicz, Katharine Isele and Lisa Eble pull in the top three spots.

“[My body] doesn’t need meat as a source of protein”, says Eble. “There are enough vegetable proteins that have made me quite fit.”

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Study Finds Plant-Based Diets Protect Against Chronic Disease Mortality

According to a new study published by the journal Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, plant-based diets may protect individuals from mortality due to chronic disease.

Titled “Plant-based diets and risk of disease mortality: a systematic review and meta-analysis of cohort studies”, the study was epublished by the National Institute of Health.

“We aimed to examine the association between adherence to plant-based diets (PBDs) and the risk of mortality among the general population”, states the study. “Relevant investigations were identified through PubMed, Scopus, Embase, and ISI Web of Knowledge.”

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