Vegan Babybel Cheese Coming to U.S. and U.K. in 2022

Bel Group, the company behind the popular Babybel cheese brand, has announced that a vegan version of their mini cheese wheels will launch in the United States and United Kingdom in 2022.

The news was first reported by Vegan Food UK, but their Tweet has since been deleted. However, we were able to confirm with Bel Group through e-mail that yes, they are in fact launching vegan Babybel cheese in the U.S. and U.K. by 2022.

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Study Finds Plant-Based Diet May Help Prevent Cardiovascular Disease

According to a new study published in the journal Cardiovascular Research, a plant-based diet may help prevent the risk of cardiovascular disease, which kills over 650,000 people annually in the U.S. alone.
“This review aims at summarizing updated evidence on cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk associated with consumption of specific food items to substantiate dietary strategies for atherosclerosis prevention”, states the study’s abstract.
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Study Finds Vegetarian Diet Associated With Better Memory/Language Abilities Compared to Non-Vegetarians

According to a new study there is no difference in “processing speed, executive function, or memory/language abilities” between vegetarians and non-vegetarians, and “vegetarians was associated with better memory/language abilities”. The study was published in the Journal of Nutrition in Gerontology and Geriatrics and was epublished by the National Institute of Health.

“We explored effects on cognitive function of following plant-based vegetarian compared with non-vegetarian dietary patterns in otherwise healthy older community-dwelling members of the Adventist Health Study-2 cohort”, states the study’s abstract.

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Chipotle Announces Launch of Vegan Chorizo

Chipotle, which is already one of the more vegan-friendly fast-food chains across the U.S., is about to become even more appealing for some vegans.

The company has announced that they are launching Plant-Based Chorizo at around 100 locations, with plans to expand it nationwide if the reception is positive enough. These initial locations are located in Orange County California, Indianapolis and Denver.

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Beyond Meat Files Over 100 Trademarks, Including Beyond Milk, Beyond Shrimp and Beyond Crab.

Beyond Meat, known for their growingly popular Beyond Burger and Beyond Sausages (and more recently Beyond Chicken), has filed over 100 trademarks for various products and terms, giving an insight into what the public traded company plans to focus on in the coming years.

In total Beyond Meat filed 108 patents with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Some of these trademarks include potential products such as Beyond Eggs, Beyond Jerky, Beyond Shrimp, beyond Crab, Beyond Tuna and many others. The patent applications also include for vague terms such as Beyond Brunch and Beyond Bowls.

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Miyoko’s Kitchen Wins Lawsuit Trying to Prevent them From Calling Vegan Products “Butter”

Miyoko’s Kitchen, growingly famous for their plethora of vegan butters and cheeses, has won a landmark victory in United States District Court.

The victory stems from a lawsuit filed by the company against the California Department of Food and Agriculture, which served Miyoko’s Kitchen with a temporary injunction preventing them from labeling their product as “butter” and “cruelty-free”.

Claiming that it was their first amendment right to use these labels, Miyoki’s sued the department, and has now won that suit.

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Trader Joe’s Launches Vegan Frozen Meat-Lover’s Pizza

It’s taken longer than some of us woulda liked, but for the first time Trader Joe’s now has an entirely vegan pizza located in their frozen aisle.

The new Vegan Meatless Meat Eater’s Pizza comes topped with vegan pepperoni, Italian sausage crumbles, and chorizo, as well as (of course) vegan mozzarella shreds and pizza sauce. The pizza, which has three servings, is priced at just $5.99.

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Impossible Pork Sausage Grounds Coming to 13,000 Stores Across the U.S.

Impossible Foods has announced that their raved-about Impossible Sausage – which is meant to mimic the flavor and texture of pork sausage – is coming to around 13,000 grocery stores across the United States in the coming weeks.

Impossible Sausage will eventually be located at essentially all of the locations that currently carry Impossible Burger, which includes Kroger stores, Safeway, Walmart and many others.

Up until this point getting a hold of Impossible Sausage has been a challenge, with it available at select restaurants such as Starbucks and Jamba. This will be the first time the sausage has ever been made available as grounds, meaning consumers can form it however they choose.

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Gordon Ramsay Releases Vegan Crispy Bacon Recipe

Famous chef Gordon Ramsay – known for his plethora of TV shows including Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares – has released an easy-to-make vegan crispy bacon recipe. This may come as a surprise to many, given Ramsay’s anti-vegan past comments. But clearly, he’s coming around to the light side!

In the video, Ramsay whisks together a mix of seasonings including garlic, yeast, paprika, maple syrup, soy sauce and cayenne pepper, as well as sriracha and vegan butter. He mixes this into a bowl of crumbled tofu. Following this, Ramsay cuts strips of rice paper that are dipped in a marinade of the above spices. Ramsay then adds tofu to the paper, adds paper on top of that and then mooshes them together. After baking them in the oven, the concoction comes out crispy, oily and looking and tasting similar to real bacon. Ramsay uses the bacon to make a vegan BLT.

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Study: Plant-Based Diet Reduces Risk and Severity of COVID-19

According to a new peer-reviewed study a “dietary pattern characterized by healthy plant-based foods was associated with lower risk and severity of COVID-19.”

According to the study, “Poor metabolic health and certain lifestyle factors have been associated with risk and severity of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), but data for diet are lacking.” With this in mind, researchers “aimed to investigate the association of diet quality with risk and severity of COVID-19 and its intersection with socioeconomic deprivation.”

Researchers used data from 592,571 participants of the smartphone-based COVID Symptom Study. Diet quality “was assessed using a healthful plant-based diet score, which emphasizes healthy plant foods such as fruits or vegetables.” In addition, “Multivariable Cox models were fitted to calculate hazard ratios (HR) and 95% confidence intervals (95% CI) for COVID-19 risk and severity defined using a validated symptom-based algorithm or hospitalization with oxygen support, respectively.”

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Pizza Hut Adds Vegan Beyond Meat Sausage and Beef Crumbles to Permanent UK Menu

Pizza Hut has officially added Beyond Meat toppings to their permanent menu at its more than 400 Delivery Hut locations across the United Kingdom.

These options include Beyond Italian Style Sausage and Beyond Beef Crumbles, which can be added to any pizza you order. They will also be offered on specific pizzas, the Beyond Italian Style Sausage Supreme (topped with Beyond sausage, mozzarella cheese, mixed peppers, mushrooms, and crunchy red onions), as well as the Beyond Beef Sizzler pizza (topped Beyond crumbles, mozzarella cheese, red onion, jalapeños, and green chilies). Unfortunately vegan cheese is not being offered – yet.

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Berkeley (CA) City Council Votes to Require Vegan Meals at Jails, Public Buildings

The Berkeley, California City Council has voted to require jails and other public buildings (including senior centers) to offer vegan meals. Furthermore, the council has required the city manager to issue a report by next year regarding the feasibility of offering only plant-based meals.

“This is something we all agree on,” says Almira Tanner, organizer for Direct Action Everywhere (DxE), an animal rights group which worked with the council to get this ordinance passed. “Try not to hurt others, and try to help them instead.” She continues: Today’s resolution is a powerful statement affirming the inner voice of decent people of conscience.”

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