Conference of Mayors Votes in Favor of Plant-Based Resolution

Elected representatives for the Conference of Mayors voted recently to pass a resolution in support of initiatives that promote plant-based diets.

Titled A Plant-Based Approach has Promise to Address Chronic Disease, Environmental, and Fiscal Burdens Facing Cities Across the Nation, the resolution was given approval at the the 91st annual US Conference of Mayors. The Conference represents more than 1,400 mayors from across the United States.

“The United States Conference of Mayors supports the upstream approach to combat chronic disease, the climate crisis, and support a more sustainable fiscal trajectory similar to the City of New York utilizing a plant-based approach”, states the resolution. This includes:

  • exploring opportunities to advance Lifestyle Medicine in hospital and health care systems,
  • exploring opportunities to include more plant-based options in any setting where city government provides food to constituents (schools, hospitals, social services),
  • exploring opportunities to promote the benefits of a plant-based approach to constituents through public awareness campaigns,
  • exploring opportunities to evaluate the environmental impact of food choices and move toward a more plant-centered approach for individual and population health, as well as local and global environmental wellbeing, and
  • explore opportunities to use these new interventions to tackle budget issues facing every city in the short and long term.

Established in 1932, the Conference of Mayors represents cities with populations of 30,000 or more. It serves as a means of connecting mayors and cities from across the United States in order to formulate and promote policy initiatives, share ideas and so forth.