Oxford City Council Votes to Serve Only Vegan Food at Council Events

The Oxford City Council in the UK has approved an ordinance to serve only vegan food at internal council events.

Oxford Town Hall.

The ordinance was sponsored by Labour councillor Paula Dunne, and was passed unanimously by the full council. The effort was initially put forth by the Plant-Based Councils campaign, and was previously approved by the Oxfordshire County Council. The Oxfordshire Council also agreed to increase the amount of plant-based food available at local schools.

“In the UK we eat twice as much meat and dairy as the global average, which is not sustainable on a finite planet, as there is not enough land in the world to meet this demand,” said Paula Dunne at a recent Oxford City Council meeting. “The rate at which we are eating meat and dairy is the leading cause of modern species extinctions.”
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63% in Spain Would Try Lab-Grown Meat

According to a new study financed by the Ministry of Innovation, Universities, Science and Digital Science, a large majority of those in Spain would try lab-grown (cultivated) meat.

Lab-Grown MeatThe study found that 63% in Spain are willing to or have already tried lab-grown meat, sometimes called cultivated meat. While 63% would try it, 46% said they’d be willing to actually buy it themselves. The three primary reasons behind participants willingness to try this new type of meat was due to animal welfare (63%), environmental concerns (50%), and curiosity (48%).

The study was conducted by the Spanish technological institute Ainia.
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Report Finds India Vegan Food Market Valued at $1.3 Billion

According to a new report conducted by the IMARC Group the value of the India vegan food market reached $1.324 billion in 2022.

India Vegan Food

The report found that the market will likely grow to be worth $2.463 billion by 2028, exhibiting a growth rate (CAGR) of 10.9% during 2023-2028.

“The vegan food market in India is witnessing significant growth due to the increasing awareness about the benefits of plant-based food over animal-based products”, states the report. “This is further supported by the rising prevalence of chronic diseases and the growing health consciousness among individuals.”

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The Vegan Herald’s Weekly Vegan Podcast – March 26, 2023

Below is the March 26, 2023 episode of The Vegan Herald’s Weekly Vegan Podcast, airing every Sunday at 10am PT. Future episodes can be found by clicking here.

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Report Finds Vegan Chocolate Confectionery Market Valued at $575 Million, to Double by 2028

According to a report by Research and Markets, the Global Vegan Chocolate Confectionery Market was valued at $335 million in 2017, which grew to $575 million in 2022

Vegan Chocolate ConfectioneryThe report anticipates the market to reach a size of $1.2 billion by 2028 growing at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 13% during the forcast period (2022-2028).

“The demand for vegan products has been driven by consumers’ growing acceptance of such lifestyles, particularly among teenagers and employees in the workplace, and the market is expected to expand significantly during the estimated period”, states the report.
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KRAVE Launches Line of Vegan Jerky and Meat Sticks

Popular jerky brand KRAVE has launched a new plant-based lineup of products.

vegan meat stick
“World, please meet our NEW Plant-Based Snack Sticks”, KRAVE said in a recent social media post. “Made from real peas and fava beans, our vegan-friendly sticks are zero-sugar and packed with 6-grams of protein to boost your everyday, they are now available in 3 delectable flavors- Smoked Chipotle, Korean BBQ, and Cracked Peppercorn.”

In addition to the vegan sticks, KRAVE has also launched two flavors of plant-based jerky – Smoked Chipotle and Korean BBQ.
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Peet’s Coffee Announces New Plant-Based Menu and Free Non-Dairy Milk for Earth Month

Peet’s Coffee has announced that in honor of Earth Month they will be offering non-dairy milk for free in all of their drinks, and they have also rolled out a new plant-based spring menu.

Citing higher-than-ever demand for plant-based milks in customer orders, Peet’s Coffee says that during the month of April (Earth Month), Peet’s will offer complimentary non-dairy, alternative milk in all Peet’s beverages. “This means that Peet’s customers can enjoy the addition of oat, almond or soy milk to each beverage of their choice all month long – on Peet’s – just in time for new plant-based offerings”, according to a press release.

On March 22, Peet’s spring beverage menu debuts with a new Lavender Vanilla Almond Latte and Lavender Cold Brew Oat Latte, along with a popular off-the-menu customer favorite, Peet’s creamy Vanilla Almond Matcha Latte. Spring food selections include the Plant-Based Mediterranean Flatbread, returning due to popular demand, and Peet’s Everything Plant-Based Sandwich, featuring popular plant-based ingredients from JUST Egg, Beyond Meat, and Violife cheese, which became the company’s second highest-selling warm breakfast item and earned a permanent spot on Peet’s Coffee menu in 2021.
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Norwich City Council Endorsed Plant-Based Treaty

The Norwich City Council has voted in favor of a resolution urging the government to joint the Plant-Based Treaty.

Norwich is a city in England’s Norfolk County, with a population of around 376,000. The motion was brought by Councilmembers Alex Catt, and seconded by Councilmember Jamie Osborn, both members of the Green Party. The motion also includes efforts to improve the accessibility and availability of plant-based food across the city, including making sure plant-based options are available at council-run events and venues.

“The adoption of a Plant Based Treaty as a companion to the UNFCCC/Paris Agreement will put food systems at the heart of combating the climate crisis”, states the official website for the Plant Based Treaty. “The Treaty aims to halt the widespread degradation of critical ecosystems caused by animal agriculture, to promote a shift to more healthy, sustainable plant-based diets and to actively reverse damage done to planetary functions, ecosystem services and biodiversity.”
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