Jennifer Coolidge Named PETA’s “Vegan Queen”

Jennifer Coolidge, star of the hit show White Lotus among many other TV and movie appearances, has been named “Vegan Queen” by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

“Coolidge’s animal rights bona fides date all the way back to 2003, when she graced the cover of PETA’s cruelty-free shopping guide—and now, her success in The White Lotus (created by fellow vegan and PETA pal Mike White) has given her an even bigger platform for her advocacy”, said PETA in a press release. ”

She photoshopped her adopted dogs, Chewbacca (rescued from the meat trade) and Bagpipes, into her Instagram post celebrating her Golden Globes win; she has highlighted vegan fashion in interviews (“I remember a time when you couldn’t go into a designer showroom and find a purse not made of leather. But I think people are changing”); and when she starred in a Super Bowl ad for e.l.f. Beauty, she noted that she’s “always been passionate about vegan and cruelty-free beauty.”
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The Vegan Herald’s Weekly Vegan Podcast – March 18, 2023

Below is the March 18, 2023 episode of The Vegan Herald’s Weekly Vegan Podcast, airing every Sunday at 10am PT. Future episodes can be found by clicking here.

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Wicked Kitchens Adds New Line of Vegan Stews and Mac and Cheeze, Plus New Ice Cream Flavor

Wicked Kitchens has announced that it’s expanding its already massive list of vegan products.

Wicked Kitchens

Wicked Kitchens, which has stormed onto the scene in recent months with dozens of various products ranging from jar sauces and meal kits to frozen pizza and ice cream, announced that it is adding seven new products to its lineup. Those products include three stews, threw flavors of mac and cheese and a new flavor of ice cream.

The new ice cream flavor is Birthday Cake, an ever popular option. The ice cream includes vegan cake pieces and rainbow sprinkles. Wicked also announced a new line of Heat & Serve Stews being offered in three varieties.
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Global Plant-Based Protein Market Valued at $13.6 Billion, Anticipated to More Than Double by 2033

According to a new report conducted by, the global market for plant-based protein is valued at over $13 billion.

The Global Plant Based Protein Market Value report found that as of the start of 2023 the plant-based protein market is valued at $13.6 million. The report estimates the market to grow to $29.09 billion by 2033 at a compound annual growth rate of 7.9%.

“There is a growing trend towards vegan and vegetarian diets around the world”, states the report. “Plant-based protein provides an alternative and sustainable source of protein for individuals seeking to reduce or eliminate meat consumption.”
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Kraft Heinz Launches Vegan NotMayo in Three Flavors

Roughly a year after announcing the product was forthcoming, Kraft Heinz has officially launched its new line of vegan mayonnaise at select U.S. location, with a nationwide rollout on the way.

With a suggested retail price of $5.99 for a 12 ounce bottle, NotMayo comes in three varieties: Original, Garlic and Spicy. Initially NotMayo is available across certain retailers in the Midwest, Northeast and Southeast, with a nationwide and Canadian launch planned later this year (no exact date has been given).

Ingredients for the original NotMayo includes: Canola Oil, Water, Native Corn Starch, Spirit Vinegar, Dried Chickpea, Brown Sugar, Salt, Mustard, Natural Flavor, Benozoic Acid, Citric Acid, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Antioxidant (Tocopherol), Sorbic Acid, Spices (Garlic and pepper powder) and calcium disodium EDTA.
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Connect For Animals Launches Comprehensive List of Events to End Factory Farming

Connect For Animals, a new animal advocacy organization, is now collecting hundreds of events related to ending factory farming from the top animal advocacy organizations.

Connect For Animals is a new organization that is collecting every single event related to ending factory farming.

“There simply aren’t good ways for people to find out about all of the amazing events happening,” explains Steven Rouk, founder of Connect For Animals. “We make it easy for folks by monitoring hundreds of organizations for their events, adding those events to our website, and adding useful tags. We have vegan events, animal rights activism events, trainings, conferences, and much more.”
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Vegan Fast Food Restaurant Plant Junkie Now Open at Several Locations in NYC and Chicago

Plant Junkie, a new vegan fast food company, has announced that they now have five locations open in New York City and Chicago.

Plant Junkie

Founded by New York restauranteur Nat Milner and Chef Hiranth Jaysinghe, Plant Junkie now has five locations open in NYC Midtown West, NYC Midtown East, NYC Financial District, NYC Union Square and Chicago The Loop. Exact addresses can be found by clicking here.

“Our founding chef, Hiranth Jayasinghe, brings a lifetime of gourmet experience to the comfort foods of his youth, bridging his vegan lifestyle with down-home American comfort food and Sri Lankan roots”, states the company’s website. “Whether you seek whole foods or plant-based meat substitutes, Plant Junkie will quickly become your favorite go-to spot!”
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Report: 60% of Meat Will be Plant-Based or Lab-Grown by 2040

According to a new GovGrant report, by 2040 well over half of all meat eaten and available for purchase will be plant-based or grown in the lab rather than factory farmed.

Lab-Grown meat

Impossible Burger.

The report found that in just 17 years only 40% of meat will come from animals. By comparison, 35% is expected to come from lab-grown meat, and 25% from plant-based options.

“Since there’s such huge potential demand for lab-grown meat, that’ll only spur companies on to innovate further and perfect their products,” said Adam Simmonds, a research associate at GovGrant. “This could become an interesting area of growth for the US and other countries, particularly as not many nations possess the expertise to produce this meat.”
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