Peet’s Coffee Announces New Plant-Based Menu and Free Non-Dairy Milk for Earth Month

Peet’s Coffee has announced that in honor of Earth Month they will be offering non-dairy milk for free in all of their drinks, and they have also rolled out a new plant-based spring menu.

Citing higher-than-ever demand for plant-based milks in customer orders, Peet’s Coffee says that during the month of April (Earth Month), Peet’s will offer complimentary non-dairy, alternative milk in all Peet’s beverages. “This means that Peet’s customers can enjoy the addition of oat, almond or soy milk to each beverage of their choice all month long – on Peet’s – just in time for new plant-based offerings”, according to a press release.

On March 22, Peet’s spring beverage menu debuts with a new Lavender Vanilla Almond Latte and Lavender Cold Brew Oat Latte, along with a popular off-the-menu customer favorite, Peet’s creamy Vanilla Almond Matcha Latte. Spring food selections include the Plant-Based Mediterranean Flatbread, returning due to popular demand, and Peet’s Everything Plant-Based Sandwich, featuring popular plant-based ingredients from JUST Egg, Beyond Meat, and Violife cheese, which became the company’s second highest-selling warm breakfast item and earned a permanent spot on Peet’s Coffee menu in 2021.

“Our mission at Peet’s is to serve the finest coffee possible, and that means providing coffee lovers with choices for plant-based milk,” said Jessica Buttimer, Vice President of Brand at Peet’s Coffee. “We first introduced non-dairy options to our coffeebars in 1995 with soy milk and Peet’s was among the first coffee retailers to offer almond milk in 2013, followed by oat milk in 2019.  Where we can lead, we will. This April, our customers can enjoy the variety on us at no extra charge.”

Peet’s has seen steady interest in dairy-free milk alternatives, with year-over-year increases in plant-based beverage sales. Now, 21 percent of all Peet’s beverages sold are customized with non-dairy milk, up from just 10 percent in 2019. More than 34 percent of the total milk used at Peet’s is non-dairy. Interest in plant-based ingredients continues to increase in the United States, with more than 48 percent of restaurants providing plant-based menu choices in 2023, compared to 30 percent in 20121.

Peet’s plant-based spring menu includes:

NEW! Lavender Vanilla Almond Latte (iced or hot)
Plant-based Califia Farms Almond Barista Blend and Espresso Forteâ swirled together and sweetened with the subtle flavor of lavender and notes of Madagascar vanilla.

NEW! Vanilla Almond Matcha Latte (iced or hot) New to the beverage menu but a popular customization at Peet’s Coffee, this latte begins with Mighty Leaf Ceremonial Matcha blended with velvety, plant-based Califia Farms Almond Barista Blend and aromatic Madagascar vanilla to create a pleasantly sweet sip.

NEW! Lavender Cold Brew Oat Latte
Aromatic lavender syrup sweetens Peet’s double strength Baridi Cold Brew, combined with familiar plant-based oat milk, and served over ice.

Returning: Plant-Based Mediterranean Flatbread
This popular and fully plant-based wrap with JUST Egg and Violife 100 percent vegan smoked provolone cheese atop a savory blend of vegan pesto, kale, tomatoes, and tangy bell peppers inside a crispy lavash is available all day.

Evergreen: Everything Plant-Based Sandwich
Peet’s first fully plant-based breakfast sandwich is a permanent menu item due to its popularity. A vegan twist on a classic, Beyond Breakfast Sausage, JUST Egg, and Violife 100 percent vegan cheddar cheese are stacked on an everything bagel thin.