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KFC’s Vegan Chicken Sandwich Sells Out in Four Days, Outperforms Other Product Launches by 500%

On June 17 KFC launched its vegan “Imposter” sandwich at 20 select locations, and just four days later it’s already completely sold out. “The Imposter”, which is a Quorn-based vegan chicken sandwich, launched at select locations in England including Bristol and London. The product is now sold out at all locations, and they won’t be …

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Gardein Vegan Meats Now Sold in Over 23,000 Stores, 150 Colleges

Gardein, launched in 2010 and purchased in 2014 by Pinnacle Foods (parent company of Vlassic, Duncan Hines and many others), has quickly become a dominate player in the vegan meat market. Until now, however, no one knew exactly how dominate. As reported by Latest Vegan News, Gardein products are currently in over 23,000 stores across …

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