Vegan Honey Now at Hundreds of Kroger Stores

Kroger has officially launched a vegan alternative to honey.

The new item, called Simple Truth Plant Based Vegan Bee Free Honee, was released just days ago across hundreds of Kroger locations. Kroger, in addition to operating Kroger grocery stores, also operates many other locations including Fred Meyers, QFC, Ralph’s and Metro Market.

The new “Honee” has quite an interesting ingredients list. Starting with agave nectar (which in and of itself many consider a vegan alternative to honey), Kroger then adds brewed chamomile tea, cane sugar, apple juice, natural flavors and – oddly enough – certified gluten-free beer (water, millet, buckwheat, yeast and hops).

The honee is 70 calories and 17 grams of carbohydrates per serving, with there being 11 servings in the 8 ounce bottle.