Morningstar Farms Launches Vegan Chik’n and Eggo Waffle Sandwich

Morningstar Farms has announced a new Chik’n and Eggo Liege Style Waffle Sandwich.

The Chik’n and Eggo Liege Style Waffle Sandwich is entirely vegan and is debuting at select retailers across the United States. Interestingly, the product marks the first time any Eggo product has been available with plant-based ingredients.

“Start your day plant-based with Incogmeato Chik’n and Eggo Liège Style Waffle Sandwiches, a delicious meat-free breakfast option made with Eggo Liège-Style vegan waffles and a savory plant-based chik’n patty”, says Morningstar’s website. “This portable breakfast sandwich is a quick and convenient way to start your morning with 100% plant protein”, promising that “These tasty breakfast sandwiches are sure to delight vegans, vegetarians, and meat-lovers alike.”

Morningstar also announced the release of their new Hot Crispy Chik’n which has a “spiced, crispy and crunchy exterior with a juicy inside.” The chich’n has 29% less fat than real chicken filets and has 17 g of plant protein per patty.