New Study Finds Plant-Based Diets May Have a Protective Role in Skin Disease, Including Acne and Psoriasis

According to a new study published in the journal Clinics in Dermatology, increasing plant-based foods and eliminating animal products may have strong benefits to our skin.

The admittedly limited study, which was also published by the U.S. Library of Medicine, gives us a potential look into the benefits plant-based diets can have on the skin and in fighting skin disease.

“Plant-based diets and veganism are receiving increased attention for many reasons”, states the study’s abstract. “Leading international nutrition organizations have determined that a well-planned and balanced plant-based diet is protective against such chronic diseases as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.”

The abstract continues: “Many physicians may be unaware of its potential advantages especially in the field of dermatology, and for this reason, the vegan diet is often discouraged. Although the literature about diet in dermatology is limited, the introduction of foods of plant origin, vitamin B12 supplements, and elimination of animal products may have a protective role in skin diseases.”

The study concludes: “There may be many benefits of a vegan diet for patients with acne, psoriasis, and atopic dermatitis.”