The Top 10 Plant-Based Meats

The plant-based meat industry has blown up in recent years, but these 10 products stand out among the crowd.

There’s a large variety of great vegan meat products now available, making it difficult to narrow down the list to the top 10. However, with careful consideration, that’s exactly what we’ve done!

Below is the Top 10 Plant-Based Meats, as decided by The Vegan Herald team:

10. Field Roast Stadium Dogs


Field Roast Stadium Dogs are by far the vegan hot dog that most closely resembles meat-based hot dogs. Tender and flavorful, these are a delicious addition to any BBQ, and they were good enough to become the first vegan hot dog to be available at a nationwide fast food chain (Wienerschnitzel).


9. Hooray Foods Plant-Based Bacon

There are several vegan bacons that nearly made the list, but Hooray Foods Plant-Based Bacon is arguably the best. With a great flavor and a look that closely matches real bacon, the true stand-out featyre of this product is how well it cooks up. You can cook it lightly for a softer, chewy bacon, or you can cook it longer to get a nice crispiness. We can admit that many vegan bacons on the market, though they might taste good, simply aren’t what many would consider to be “bacon” (tempeh bacon, for example). This, on the other hand, is one that could fool a meat-eater.


8. Impossible Burger


Impossible Burger is so widely known at this point there isn’t much that needs to be said about it. There’s a reason it’s become so popular and a reason giant chains like Burger King have decided to carry it. With a close resemblance to real hamburger, Impossible Burger is incredibly versatile and a great product to have non-vegans try if they’re new to the world of plant-based meats.


7. Beyond Steak

Beyond Steak is the newest addition to the Beyond family, and it’s a worthy one. With the firm chew you’d expect from steak, and a great taste to match, Beyond really hit the mark with this one. It’s no surprise that Taco Bell decided to make their new plant-based carne asada with Beyond Steak.


6. BeLeaf Plant-Based Foods’ Konjac Shrimp

BeLeaf Plant-Based Foods’ Konjac Shrimp was the winner of the best plant-based seafood category at the 2022 World Plant-Based Awards, and for good reason. Closely resembling real shrimp (to the point it’s likely to shock meat-eaters), these are a perfect replacement for an recipe that calls for shrimp. Although they have a few rivals in the vegan shrimp game, BeLeaf does it the best.


5. Beyond Breaded Tenders

The second product on this list, Beyond Tenders are really quite a treat. With a firm texture that holds up better to sauces then pretty much any other vegan option, these tenders are breaded and more heavily seasoned than many of its contemporaries. There’s a reason when KFC decided to enter the plant-based game they went with fried Beyond chicken.


4. Sweet Earth Mindful Chipotle Chik’n


Sweet Earth Mindful Chik’n is a great and versatile product perfect for stir-fries, pizzas, chicken salads and more. Sweet Earth Mindful Chipotle Chik’n is a seasoned version that has an excellent flavor that’s perfect for Mexican foods such as tacos and enchiladas. Sweet Earth doesn’t skimp on the seasoning, giving the chick’n a heavy coating of strongly flavored seasoning that’s also great on nachos or eaten on its own.


3. Field Roast Frankfurters

Field Roast Stadium Dogs may more closely resemble a standard hot dog, but Field Roast Frankfurters are, at least in our opinion, an overall better product. With a firmer texture and a different flavor profile, these Frankfurters are delicious pretty much anyway their prepared – air fried, pan-fried, boiled, microwaved or even even cold.


2. The Herbivorous Butcher Smoky House Ribs

Although there are several vegan butchers now open through the U.S., The Herbivorous Butcher was the first. They have delicious vegan products ranging from sausages to steaks, but possibly there best item are their Smoky House Ribs. Vegan ribs are relatively rare, meaning these don’t have to be mind-blowing to be notable, but they go well beyond serviceable to offer an incredible product that’s tasty, tender and unique.


1. Beyond Sausage – Hot Italian

Beyond Meats really nailed it when they introduced Beyond Sausage a couple years back. Although many companies have tried to match what Beyond is offering, including some big names like Impossible Foods and Sweet Earth, none have been as good as Beyond Sausage. With the perfect bite and an excellent taste, Beyond Sausage – especially the Hot Italian style (though the Bratwursts are also great) – is one of if not the best vegan meat on the market, and certainly one that most matches the real thing.