A Vegan Poem Written by Artificial Intelligence

Below is a poem on “why everyone should be vegan”, written entirely by OpenAI’s ChatGPT (an artificial intelligence program).

A world of wonder, beauty, and grace,

Full of life in every space,

But beneath the surface, there’s a dark embrace,

A world of cruelty we must replace.


The animals that roam this earth,

Are often seen as mere objects of worth,

Their lives are taken, their bodies birthed,

And it’s all for the sake of our mirth.


But there’s a way to end this strife,

A way to bring back their precious life,

A way to make the world more rife,

And that’s to live a vegan life.


No more animals will be confined,

No more cruelty, no more bind,

A world of peace, for all mankind,

This is the vision we must find.


A vegan diet can make a change,

In the world, we want to arrange,

A future that’s healthy, free from rage,

And a world that’s truly sustainable.


So let us choose the path of light,

Let us make this world more bright,

Let us take a stand, with all our might,

And live a vegan life, every day and night.