Report: 48% of All U.S. Restaurants Have Plant-Based Options, a 62% Growth Since 2012

According to a new report, nearly half of all restaurants in the United States offer plant-based menu options, with this number expected to grow substantially in the coming months.

The State of the Plant-Based in Foodservice report, conducted by Plant Based Food Association (PBFA), found that 48.4% of U.S. restaurants have plant-based options, representing a 62% growth in the past decade. The report also found that “nearly 30% of operators plan to add more plant-based meats in 2013”, and “four times as many operators plan to add plant-based meat to their menu vs. drop it from the menu.”

For the report the Association examined and deciphered data from operators across segments including on-site, quick service, fast casual, fine-ding, and more to determine how plant-based foods are being adopted within the food service industry.

“Plant-based foods are the arm of innovation for food service operators and a key opportunity to engage a new segment of consumers looking for a variety of plant-based options,” says Hannah Lopez, PBFA Director of Marketplace Development. “This research lays the foundation for how plant-based foods can be implemented to optimize overall brand strategy of food service establishments.”

When it comes to considering whether or not plant-based food is a fad or a long-term trend, 60% of restaurant operators say it’s a long-term trend, with 40% calling it a short-term fad.

The report found that plant-based cheese saw considerable gains, with the top types being American (up 599%), cheddar (up 250%), and mozzarella (up 155%).

The full State of the Plant-Based in Foodservice report can be found by clicking here.