Beyond Steak Quietly Launches at Certain Locations, Nationwide Launch Forthcoming

Beyond Steak, the newest innovation from the Beyond Meat company, has been spotted at certain grocery stores and restaurants, with a nationwide launch planned soon.

CEO Ethan Brown has recently stated that their Beyond Steak is “probably one of our best products to date.” It’s now been spotted by consumers at several Jewel-Osco grocery stores in the midwest, as well as in a couple restaurants such as Chicago’s Elephant & Vine (which is offering it in a vegan steak burrito).

We reached out to Beyond Meat and although they are not prepared to put a specific date on a nationwide launch of the new steak in grocery stores, we can expect the rollout to come “soon” and “likely before the end of the year”.

Taco Bell will be offering the new Beyond Steak in the form of vegan carne asade at over 50 locations starting on October 13th, with a nationwide launch expected to come soon after if this trial run is successful.

With the launch of Beyond Steak, Beyond Meat expands their portfolio beyond their current offering of vegan burgers, sausages and jerkies.