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Report: 60% of Meat Will be Plant-Based or Lab-Grown by 2040

According to a new GovGrant report, by 2040 well over half of all meat eaten and available for purchase will be plant-based or grown in the lab rather than factory farmed. The report found that in just 17 years only 40% of meat will come from animals. By comparison, 35% is expected to come from …

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Non-Dairy Yogurt Market Worth $4.21 Billion, to Nearly Double by 2027

The global market for non-dairy yogurt grew from $3.62 billion at the start of 2022 to $4.21 currently. This is according to a new report which estimates the market to grow even further to be worth $7.89 billion by 2027, just four years away. Major players in the non-dairy yogurt market are Hain Celestial, Danone, …

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So Delicious Announces New Line of No Sugar Added Vegan Yogurt

So Delicious Dairy Free, a leader in dairy-free products for more than thirty years, has announced the launch of its newest innovation: new 0g Added Sugar Coconutmilk Yogurt Alternative.  So Delicious 0g Added Sugar Coconutmilk Yogurt Alternative is “revolutionizing the yogurt aisle as one of the first yogurt alternatives to derive its sweetness from fruit”, …

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Global Dairy Alternative Market Valued at $22 Billion, Anticipated to Grow to $61 Billion by 2029

According to a new report by Fortune Business Insights, the global market for dairy alternatives is valued at an eye-opening $22.25 billion. Even more eye-opening is the report’s prediction that this number will almost triple by 2029, growing to $61.43 billion. This would be a compound annual growth rate of 13.58% between 2022 and 2029. …

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Vitalite Plant-Based Cheese Now Available at Over 5,000 Stores

Plant-based cheese brand Vitalite is expanding its distribution to more than 5,000 retailers in the U.S., including Albertsons, ACME, Safeway and Harris Teeter locations. The vegan-certified, dairy-free cheese launched in 2022 and its presence has grown rapidly since then. In a recent consumer survey by Wakefield Research for Vitalite, 68% of Americans report having tried a plant-based alternative, while nearly a …

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Report: Wheat Protein Market to Grow From $6.42 Billion to Almost $10 Billion by 2032

wheat protein market

According to a recent report by Polaris Market Research, the global wheat protein market is projected to reach $9.89 billion by 2032. This represents a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.4% from 2021 to 2032, with the current market valued at $6.42 billion. The report provides a comprehensive analysis of the current market trends, …

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10 Health Benefits of Being Vegan According to Science

Health Benefits of Being Vegan

Research has continued to show that there are numerous health benefits associated with following a vegan diet. With that in mind, in this article we’ll explore 10 of the top health benefits of being vegan while providing references to peer-reviewed studies that support these claims. Reduced Risk of Heart Disease One of the most significant …

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10 Reasons to Go Vegan

As more people become aware of the impact of the meat industry on the environment, animal welfare, and human health, veganism has been gaining popularity around the world. For those unaware, veganism is a lifestyle that avoids the consumption of animal products and the use of products derived from animals. Although just a small percentage …

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