Decade-Long Study Finds Vegan Diet Drastically Lowers Prostate Cancer Risk

veganA new decade-long study with over 26,000 participants has found that those following a plant-based vegan diet have a significantly lower risk of prostate cancer. The study, which appears in this month’s issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (unfortunately an online version of the study is not yet available, though we’ll update this article once it is), was conducted by researchers at Loma Linda University’s Health Department.

“We found that, as far as prostate cancer, the vegans look really good,” says Dr. Gary Fraser, a professor of medicine and epidemiology at the university’s School of Public Health and School of Medicine. “They have a one-third lower risk than non-vegans.” Fraser notes that this is the first study of its type to focus specifically on those who are vegan.

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Study Finds that Even 7 Days on a Low-Fat Vegan Diet Can Have Significant Health Benefits


Photo Source: daisyashcroft.

It is thoroughly documented that the rich Western diet, which is heavy on animal source foods, fat-laden foods and sugary processed foods, is a major contributor to issues such as type 2 diabetes, autoimmune disorders and other diseases that can cause disability and death. It has been a subject of major debate, however, to determine which type of diet would be best suited to reduce these issues. A recent study published in Nutrition Journal makes a strong case that a low-fat, vegan diet may be a strong solution, based on results obtained from seven day adherence to the diet.

The study was conducted over a period of eleven years, from 2002 to 2011, using patients attracted via internet marketing across a wide geographic area to spend ten days at a hotel in Santa Rosa, California. Once at the hotel, they would receive a dietary education and introduction to a low-fat, vegan diet under the supervision of a medical doctor, a registered dietitian, a psychologist exercise instructors and cooking instructors.

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Vegetarian Menus Surge 66%

Most of us, during our first years, hated vegetables. It’s not very often you hear of a child who likes to eat his or her vegetables. Unfortunately, that never stopped Mom and Dad from insisting. “Eat your veggies,” they’d say, “they’re good for you.” It turns out they were right, and an increasing number of Americans have learned that lesson too.

A report released by market research firm Mintel has some startling news on this front. Their report shows that between 2012 and now, vegetarian menus in the US have grown a massive 66%. Mintel also surveyed consumers and found that 61% of them like menu items in which vegetables are featured heavily. In fact, among Millennials aged 25-34, that trend rises to 75%.

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Vegan Brownie Makes List of Best Chocolate Desserts in New York City

vegan brownieSerious Eats this week released their list of the The Best Chocolate Pastries and Desserts in NYC, and a vegan brownie found at Peacefood made the list.

“Peacefood may be best known for their highly praised vegetarian food and mellow atmosphere, but the brownies have always been the star of their bakery menu”, says Niko Triantafillou of Serious Eats. “The bite-size sweets possess everything I want in a classic brownie: a rich and earthy chocolate flavor, a fudgy crumb that’s not too dense or too cake-like, and a subtle vanilla aroma. It’s an impressive feat, considering you won’t find a trace of eggs, milk, or butter throughout.”

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PETA Delivers Vegan Jerky to Oregon Ranchers Occupying Government Land

petaPeople for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has responded to a call for snacks from armed Oregon ranchers occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. Today, the group hand-delivered a package of vegan jerky that actually contains more protein than beef does. The PETA staffers, bearing signs reading, “The End (of Animal Agriculture) Is Nigh: Get Out Now!” are suggesting that militia members learn to raise crops, not cows—allowing the many species of wild animals the refuge was designed to protect to thrive.

“People from all walks of life are increasingly appalled by the idea of slaughtering animals and realize, too, the harmful impact that animal agriculture has on the environment, so it’s time to face facts,” says PETA President Ingrid Newkirk. “These ranchers may have a beef with the feds, but their water use and the cattle’s production of methane mean that the world needs them to get out of the beef business.”

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Medical Center Prioritizing Plant-based Diets Opens in D.C.

bernardThe District of Columbia has just gotten a progressive new medical facility. The Barnard Medical Center, founded by the respected doctor of the same name, is a primary care center both in form and function. What makes this facility special is its unique focus on proper nutrition and diet, especially those that are plant-based.

Dr. Barnard’s clinic will place more emphasis on treating “the root causes of illness, with extra attention on improving health through prevention and nutrition,” according to the facility’s website. Increasingly, the medical community is beginning to realize that many modern illnesses can be caused by poor a diet. In order to combat this, the Barnard Medical Center “takes advantage of years of research conducted by the Physicians Committee research team and other researchers, showing how a new approach to medicine and nutrition could help prevent and reverse serious health problems.”

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New Dietary Guidelines Released in the US, Calls for Eating More Vegetables

Dietary GuidelinesThe U.S. government today released updated nutritional guidelines that encourage Americans to adopt a series of science-based recommendations to improve how they eat in an effort to reduce obesity and prevent chronic diseases like Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease.

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans is one of the nation’s leading resource for evidence-based nutrition recommendations and serves to provide the general public, as well as policy makers and health professionals with information to help the public make informed choices about their diets at home, school, work and in their communities.

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Musician Moby Donating 100% of Profits from Vegan Restaurant to Animal Welfare Groups

little pineIn November, electronic musician Moby opened up an entirely vegan restaurant in Los Angeles called Little Pine. Now, the singer and activist has announced that 100% of the profits brought in from that restaurant will go to nonprofit animal welfare groups.

“Opening little pine was never meant to be a conventional entrepreneurial endeavor”, Moby tells “I want it to represent veganism in a really positive light, and also to support the animal welfare organizations who do such remarkable work.

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Four-Time NBA Champion Calls on Michelle Obama to Go Vegan

salleyIn an open letter, Four-time NBA champion John Salley has called on First Lady Michelle Obama to take PETA’s (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) 30-day vegan pledge.

According to Salley, her doing so would “set an example for families across the country.”

“I am writing to you as a father, athlete, wellness advocate, and enthusiastic champion of a vegan diet to encourage you to take a New Year’s 30-day veg pledge through PETA”, the letter begins. “Take it from me: I’ve been vegetarian since 1990, and vegan since 2008. I credit my plant-based diet with giving me the energy and stamina to help carry my teams to four NBA championship wins.”

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The Top 10 Vegan News Stories of 2015

Below is a list of the top 10 vegan news stories of the year, courtesy of Hannah Sentenac at

Here's to saving animals in 2015!

Here’s to saving animals in 2015!

Here we go:

10. Follow Your Heart Releasing Vegan Egg Substitute You Can Scramble
Given the wild popularity of the VeganEgg, it’s no surprise that this story made the list. Since its release, the product has been selling out all over the place, and Instagram is packed with photos of quiches, omelettes, and scrambled eggs made by delighted vegans nationwide. Breakfast will never be the same again.

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“Vegan Recipes” Makes Pinterest’s List of Top Search Terms of 2015

pinterestIn another sign that veganism is rapidly growing throughout the U.S. and world, Pinterest has released its year-end report of the top 10 search terms, finding “vegan recipes” to be one of the most searched terms in the United States.

The United States’ top 10 list includes Harry Potter, Lob hair, Iceland, Men’s fashion, Pallet projects, Bathroom storage, Small tattoos, Scandinavian interiors, Vegan recipes, and Alice in Wonderland. “Vegan recipes” was also one of the top searched terms in Germany, and “Meat-free Mondays” was a top term in the United Kingdom.

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Israel Legislature Unanimously Votes to Reform Nation’s Animal Welfare Law

cowIsrael’s Legislature (known as the Knesset) has unanimously given approval to legislation that toughens enforcement policies against animal rights abusers, among other changes, according to the Jerusalem Post.

The bill, which amends the nation’s Animal Welfare Law, increases maximum prison sentence for animal abusers from three years to four years, while increasing the maximum fine amount to NIS 226,000 (roughly $57,000). The proposal also places a ban on killing animals in non-euthanasia circumstances, prohibits harmful and painful practices such as animal tattooing, and ensures that senior executives in corporations (such as slaughterhouses) are held more accountable for animal abuses that occur in their facilities.

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