Vegan Honey Now at Hundreds of Kroger Stores

Kroger has officially launched a vegan alternative to honey.

The new item, called Simple Truth Plant Based Vegan Bee Free Honee, was released just days ago across hundreds of Kroger locations. Kroger, in addition to operating Kroger grocery stores, also operates many other locations including Fred Meyers, QFC, Ralph’s and Metro Market.

The new “Honee” has quite an interesting ingredients list. Starting with agave nectar (which in and of itself many consider a vegan alternative to honey), Kroger then adds brewed chamomile tea, cane sugar, apple juice, natural flavors and – oddly enough – certified gluten-free beer (water, millet, buckwheat, yeast and hops).

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The Vegan Herald’s Weekly Vegan Podcast – Episode 2

Below is episode 2 of The Vegan Herald’s Weekly Vegan Podcast, airing every Sunday at 10am PT. Future episodes can be found by clicking here.

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Study: Plant-Based Diet Significantly Lowers Risk of Prostate Cancer

A study published in the The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition “provides supportive evidence that greater consumption of healthful plant-based foods is associated with a lower risk of aggressive forms of prostate cancer”.

“Plant-based diets are associated with multiple health benefits and a favorable environmental impact”, states the study. “For prostate cancer, previous studies suggest a beneficial role of specific plant-based foods (e.g., tomatoes) and a potentially harmful role of specific animal-based foods (e.g., meat, dairy). However, less is known about plant-based dietary patterns.”

Because of this, researchers “sought to examine the relation between plant-based diet indices and prostate cancer risk, including clinically relevant disease.”

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Study: Plant-Based Diets May Improve Vascular Health in African-American Individuals

Plant-based diets may be cardioprotective and improve vascular health in African-American individuals, according to a new study.

The study, titled The impact of a plant-based diet on indices of cardiovascular health in African Americans: a cross-sectional study, was published in the journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, and was epublished by the U.S. National Library of Medicine. It was conducted by research at the The University of Texas at Arlington’s Department of Kinesiology.

“African-American (AA) individuals are disproportionately affected by cardiovascular diseases”, states the study. “Plant-based diets (PBD) may be cardioprotective in part through their high antioxidant capacity and low inflammatory load.”
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Vegan Cheese Brand Miyoko’s Creamery Announces Foodie Truck Tour

Plant milk creamery Miyoko’s Creamery has announced the launch of their Foodie Truck Tour this fall

The vegan food truck will offer dishes made with Miyoko’s cheese and butter, including offerings such as cajun street corn and orzo aglio e burro made with European-Style Cultured vegan butter, margherita pizza made with their first-of-its-kind liquid cheese, caprese salad with fresh plant milk mozzarella, gourmet cheese plates featuring Double Cream Chive, Black Ash and Herbs de Provence cashew milk cheese, among other crave-worthy bites.

Kicking off this month in the heart of Sonoma Wine Country, where Miyoko’s Creamery is based, the truck is making stops in the Bay Area, Southern California and Arizona, before wrapping up the tour in Austin, TX in early November.

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Owners of Vegan Dogs Did Not Perceive Adverse Health Effects, Report Increase in Dog Longevity

According to a new study published in the journal Research in Veterinary Science, “dog owners feeding a plant-based diet did not perceive adverse health effects in their dogs”, while “dog longevity was reported to be greater for dogs fed plant-based diets.”

“Some dog owners elect to feed their dog a plant-based food either as part of or for their entire dietary intake”, states the study’s abstract. “Being omnivores or facultative carnivores, a strictly plant-based diet is not the natural type of food dogs evolved to consume, leaving some question as to whether this feeding management strategy is safe and healthy for dogs.”

With this in mind, researchers “surveyed owner perceptions of health and wellbeing of dogs and compared between those fed meat-based and plant-based diets.”

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Report: Global Plant-Based Food Market to Grow from $10 Billion in 2021, to $30 Billion by 2030

According to a new report the global plant-based food market was valued at $10 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow at a yearly rate of 12% to reach a value of $30 billion by 2030.

“The global plant-based food market growth is attributed to a shift in consumer preference toward veganism”, states the report, titled Plant-based Food Market – Global Industry Analysis, Growth, Share, Size, Trends, and Forecast. “Based on types, the global plant-based food market is segregated into seafood substitute, egg substitute, meat substitute, dairy substitute, and others. The dairy substitute segment is projected to expand at a rapid pace during the forecast period”, states the report.

“Growth of the segment is attributed to rising prevalence of lactose intolerance, consumer concern over animal cruelty in conventional dairy farming practices, and nutritional advantages of plant-based dairy alternatives.” On the other hand, “the seafood substitute segment is anticipated to expand at a high CAGR during the forecast period due to increasing investments and food developments in species-specific seafood substitutes, rising consumer preference for seafood that is vegan, and rising number of product innovations.”

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Next Level Burger Announces $20 Million in New Funding, to Open 28 New Locations by 2025

Vegan fast food chain Next Level Burger, which currently operates 9 locations in four states, is planning to drastically expand their brand thanks to $20 million in new funding.

Next Level Burger announced today that they raised $20 million as part of a new round of investments. The chain plans to use this funding to over triple their total number of locations by adding 28 more by 2025.

Next Level Burger first opened in Bend, Oregon in 2014, before expanding to Washington State, Texas and New York City, in part through help from Whole Foods (with some locations even hosting the restaurant in-store, such as the one in Seattle).

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