For First Time Cow’s Milk is Costlier than Plant-Based Milk in the UK

The average cost of cow’s milk has become more expensive than the most popular non-dairy alternatives in much of the United Kingdom, according to a new report.

According to a report by the research company Assosia, a two-pint bottle of cow’s milk costs an average of £1.25 ($1.38) across four of the UK’s main supermarkets. This marks a 36% jump since January.

The nearest comparable plant-based alternative cost £1.05 for soy milk, £1.24 for oat milk and £1.07 for almond milk. This marks the first time that the average cost of these dairy alternatives is lower than the average cost of traditional dairy milk.

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Study: Diets Low in Meat Have “Great Potential for Human Health and Environment Preservation”

A protein profile “with low contribution from meat has great potential for human health and environment preservation, and “shifting a large part of the population toward this profile could be an easy first step toward building a more sustainable diet.”

This is according to a new study being published in the peer-reviewed journal Science of the Total Environment, and published ahead of print by the U.S. National Library of Medicine. It was conducted by researchers at the Université Paris-Saclay and Sorbonne Paris Nord University, both in France.

“Patterns of protein intake are strong characteristics of diets, and protein sources have been linked to the environmental and nutrition/health impacts of diets”, states the study’s abstract. “However, few studies have worked on protein profiles, and most of them have focused on specific diets like vegetarian or vegan diets.”

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Beyond Steak Quietly Launches at Certain Locations, Nationwide Launch Forthcoming

Beyond Steak, the newest innovation from the Beyond Meat company, has been spotted at certain grocery stores and restaurants, with a nationwide launch planned soon.

CEO Ethan Brown has recently stated that their Beyond Steak is “probably one of our best products to date.” It’s now been spotted by consumers at several Jewel-Osco grocery stores in the midwest, as well as in a couple restaurants such as Chicago’s Elephant & Vine (which is offering it in a vegan steak burrito).

We reached out to Beyond Meat and although they are not prepared to put a specific date on a nationwide launch of the new steak in grocery stores, we can expect the rollout to come “soon” and “likely before the end of the year”.

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GOOD PLANeT Foods Announces Launch of Vegan Snack Packs

GOOD PLANeT Foods announced today the launch of individually packaged snack packs featuring vegan cheese cubes.

GOOD PLANeT Foods Snack Packs are available in two delicious flavors, Smoked Gouda with Dried Cranberries and Almonds, and Cheddar with Dried Cranberries and Cashews. The Snack Packs will retail for SRP $1.99 and will be available in grocery stores and online delivery services starting in October.

“As the demand for plant-based cheese continues to grow, consumers have been vocal about not having enough quality options. At GOOD PLANeT Foods, we are constantly looking for ways to bring the joy of cheese to more consumers who are looking for ways to eat more plant-based foods,” said GOOD PLANeT Foods Co-CEO Bart Adlam. “With snacking continuing to grow quickly in the USA, our new Snack Packs are a delicious, healthy, and satiating alternative. We are committed to growing the plant-based cheese segment and confident that this innovation will bring new consumers and eating occasions to the segment.”

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Muscle Protein Synthetic Response to Plant Protein Does Not Differ From Animal Protein, Finds Study

The muscle protein synthetic response to the ingestion of 30 grams of a plant-derived protein blend “does not differ from the ingestion of an equivalent amount of a high quality animal-derived protein”, according to a new study.

The study, published in the Journal of Nutrition, is titled The Muscle Protein Synthetic Response to the Ingestion of a Plant-Derived Protein Blend Does Not Differ from an Equivalent Amount of Milk Protein in Healthy, Young Males.

“Plant-derived proteins are considered to have lesser anabolic properties when compared with animal-derived proteins”, begins the study. “The attenuated rise in muscle protein synthesis rates following ingestion of plant compared with animal-derived protein has been, at least partly, attributed to deficiencies in specific amino acids such as leucine, lysine, and/or methionine.” However, combining different plant-derived proteins “may provide plant-derived protein blends with a more balanced amino acid profile.”

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Tripadvisor Names Vegan Restaurant as Top Hidden Gem in the World

A vegan restaurant in Peru has been listed as the top hidden gem in the world by Tripadvisor.

Black Ceviche from Green Point’s starter menu.

Tripadvisor has released the winners of the Travelers’ Choice 2022 awards, which covers the top beaches, hotels, destinations, and restaurants in the world. As part of the restaurant category is a section for the “Top Hidden Gems — World“. The #1 choice for this category is Green Point in Cusco, Peru.

Green Point, which is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and serves “Peruvian, international, and contemporary” menu items, is entirely vegan.

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New York City Expands Program Making Plant-Based Meals the Default Option at Public Hospitals

In a press release New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced that culturally diverse plant-based meals are now the primary dinner options for inpatients at H+H/Lincoln, Metropolitan, and Woodhull Hospitals.

The dinner program expands on the health care system’s successful plant-based lunch default program — launched in March of this year — which now boasts a 95 percent satisfaction rate according to the press release from Mayor Adam’s office.

“When it comes to preventing diet-related chronic disease, there is a growing recognition that it’s not our DNA — it’s our dinner,” said Mayor Adams. “Since January, we have introduced Plant-Powered Fridays into schools, introduced fresh produce into the nation’s only municipal emergency food system, and expanded Plant-Based Lifestyle Medicine Clinics to public hospitals across all five boroughs.” Now, Mayor Adams says, “we are proud to announce the successful rollout and expansion of default plant-based lunch and dinner options at all H+H sites.”

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Study: Plant-Based Diet Associated With Sustained Minimal Residual Disease-Negativity

A new study being published in the journal Clinical Cancer Research “is the first study to demonstrate an association between a plant-based dietary pattern, stool butyrate production and sustained minimal residual disease-negativity in multiple myeloma”.

Although the study is soon to be published by the journal Clinical Cancer Research, it was epublished online ahead of print by the U.S. National Institute of Health. It was conducted by researchers at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center on New York, the University of Michigan, the University of Miami, the University of California and NutritionQuest.

“Sustained minimal residual disease (MRD) negativity is associated with long-term survival in multiple myeloma (MM)”, states the study. “The gut microbiome is affected by diet, and in turn can modulate host immunity, for example through production of short-chain fatty acids including butyrate.

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